Dark Lord (of the Sith), a term used by the ancient Sith, pre-dating the title Darth.


As a general rule, it’s wise to consider this Tumblr, NSFW / 18+. So beware, there will be everything from cute critters, to naked women on this blog. I’m into a lot of different things, “nerdy” and non-. I’m just me; I LOVE Star Wars (hence the blog name), The Dresden Files, Firefly/Serenity, Video Games, Art, Books, Cooking, Drawing, Guns, Role Play, BDSM, Photography, Web Design, Family, and Friends.

Sith Lord
Pro-Gun, Anti Gun-Control
Card Carrying Member of the NRA
Have a B.S. in Web Development and Design
Son, Brother, Boy Friend, Friend, and Daddy Dom
This is my “personal”(second) Tumblr.
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"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. 

Through passion, I gain strength. 

Through strength, I gain power. 

Through power, I gain victory. 

Through victory, my chains are broken. 

The Force shall free me.”


Sexy as Sith

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the Sinister Six, by Marko Djurdjevic.

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Go big or go home

Only version of this I will reblog. Ever

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"you’re gonna be home alone for a bit"


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“What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid squares of paper unfolds world after world after world, worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet or excite you. Books help us understand who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean; they show us how to live and die.” — Anne Lamott

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I just unlocked the Castle: Driven sticker on tvtag

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In the seventh season premiere, Beckett takes on her most challenging case yet as she learns about Castle’s car crash. Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at ABC.

I’m watching Castle

“Where’s #Castle!”

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"—I gotcha covered, see?"

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Holy shit

Respect. Regardless of your views on the state of the world, on politics, on war, respect. Fucking respect.

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